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NEMAS: Italian Innovation Unleashes a Global Revolution in Fire Safety on Kickstarter

Grand News Network    July 11, 2024


NEMAS: Italian Innovation Unleashes a Global Revolution in Fire Safety on Kickstarter


Italy, 11th Jul 2024, King NewsWire - Overcoon is pleased to present NEMAS, a revolutionary fire safety solution now available for pre- order on Kickstarter. A product of intense research and development conducted in Italy, NEMAS represents the future in combating domestic and business fires.

Technical Specifications of NEMAS:

Suppression Technology: Utilizes natural potassium salts to generate an aerosol mist that suffocates fires at their root without leaving harmful residues.

Environmental Safety: Completely free of harmful chemicals, NEMAS is safe for the environment and poses no health risks to children or pets.

Innovative Design: With a compact and minimalist design, NEMAS is engineered to integrate discreetly into any setting, whether in home spaces or offices.

Intelligent Notification System: Equipped with advanced sensors, NEMAS can detect a fire in its early stages and immediately send SMS notifications to registered users.

Ease of Installation: Does not require professional installation, allowing users to strategically place it in the most at-risk areas.

Cesare Comasini, CEO of Overcoon, states, “NEMAS is not just a fire suppression device; it is a promise of future safety, designed with sustainability and effectiveness in mind. Our mission is to ensure that no home or business ever has to face the devastation of a fire without proper defense. Additionally, NEMAS has the potential for significant future developments. Its scalable technology can be adapted for large-scale applications and different environments, bringing increasingly innovative functions to a wider range of uses.”

The Kickstarter campaign for NEMAS aims to raise funds to initiate mass production and distribute this life-saving technology globally. Early backers of the campaign will have the opportunity to purchase NEMAS at a reduced price and actively participate in the spread of a new era in fire safety.

NEMAS: Italian Innovation Unleashes a Global Revolution in Fire Safety on Kickstarter

About Overcoon: 

Overcoon is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to enhance personal safety and promote environmental sustainability. Led by a vision of responsibility and innovation, Overcoon is committed to making sophisticated safety accessible to all.

For further information:

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nemas/nemas-narrow-environment-monitoring-and-alert-system?ref=4xmyb7&token=9cd56efd

Website: www.overconn.it

Email: info@overconn.it

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